Welcome Class of 2014

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Rush Chairs: 

Andrew Calabrese (908) 295-1031
Paul Viegas (973) 461-6681
Billy Masson (856) 357-7813


Gemini Nazareno (908) 217-2450

Join "Rush TKE Fall 2013" on Facebook for more information on Recruitment. The Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon hope to see you around!

Red Carnation Ball

Our Red Carnation Ball, held in the Imperia in New Brunswick, was an amazing event. The chapter has grown so much this year, adding numerous amazing brothers into the bond. There are hundreds of pictures posted everywhere from the night, but this one pretty much sums up the event. All of us on the staircase chanting our chant, the roar echoing throughout the building. Ending the year with an amazing event like this, it's one of many moments reminding us of how proud we are to be TEKES. Rappa Tappa!

Conclave & University Awards

The Alpha-Eta Chapter has received 7 awards from Tau Kappa Epsilon National Headquarters at the past Conclave 2013.

1. Excellence in the Northeast Region - Top Chapter in the Region (Region 1)

2. Excellence in Recruitment Results

3. Excellence in Involvement - Community Service

4. Excellence in Involvement - Alumni Relations

5. Excellence in Achievement - Academic Success

6. Excellence in Achievement - Extracurricular Activities

7. Honorable Mention - Excellence in Recruitment Chapter Size

Requirements to Join


We aspire to be the leading 21st century college fraternity with a focused mission on building better men who, in turn, will build a better world.



Young men come to Tau Kappa Epsilon for the promise of a richer college experience, a lifelong bond of fellowship and a chance to grow as leaders and men. They go on to carry the fraternity's highest values—love, charity, esteem—through principled lives and successful careers.


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